SAW 2020

This year due to Covid 19 SAW will be predominantly ‘VIRTUAL’ with only a few studios being open to the public.  I am open by appointment ONLY, if you wish to make an appointment you may do this via the contacts page on my website or directly by phone 07970903128

2010 – 2020: Work that alludes to specific experiences but resolutely abstract in its presentation.

Looking back over the last 10 years I can see a change in the way I work, although a common link remains.  It is with this in mind that I decided to show selected items from various bodies of work.  Titles are ambiguous and run through the years, I am only showing paintings and sculpture, prints and drawings can be found on the designated pages within the website.

In 2012 I began to use acrylic paint as I found that oil paint despite its it flexibility and richness was restraining my ability to work in a spontaneous manner, the slow drying process was a hindrance.  It was a steep learning curve, acrylic paint can look hard, flat and plastic, the colours are also not a good as some of the oil paints, to overcome these problems I began to apply the paint in very fine veils of colour, the surface seems to capture and reflect the light, at times creating an unsettled  paint surface.  The ability to completely change direction whilst working, at times taking a sander to the surface, allows me to be much more experimental.  There are times when I think I may return to oil painting but not quite  yet!

In 2019 I took up welding which was a challenge, one I enjoyed, being able to take pieces of metal and weld them together instantly suited the way I think and work.  At present welding is in abeyance and may remain so for sometime, however the desire to make shapes that cast shadows is still there and I am now working of 3D reliefs some wall hung, some free standing, combining my love of colour with 3D