Pennie Elfick – Statement

I am a studio based painter whose work is informed by the transient nature of light in the landscape: whether this be rural or urban. Initially I collect information by making colour notes and brief drawings, this can be on a walk, journey or time spent staring out of a window.

The resulting work appears to be minimalist paintings that have little frame of reference. However, this work reflects the world around me. Pared down to the basic essential details these paintings act as ciphers, encoding the components of a landscape; colour, light, form. These paintings are portraits of places.

Colour defines mood and atmosphere, their juxtaposition defines space, form, perspective and scale. The simplicity of the images contains a stillness that lies at the heart of something observed and experienced, a synthesis of a moment seen and remembered.

The work is created slowly by building up many fine layers of paint; each layer dries before the next is applied. This method of working gives the paintings their depth and luminosity, enabling these surfaces to change with the moving light of the day.

These are paintings that need to be given time and absorbed, they are spaces for contemplation.